4:39PM – Fuck Off. I won’t cry.

I won’t cry. I can’t even get home from work. I am going to have to take a taxi, and I can’t afford it. I am not doing anything for anyone anymore, no one will fucking help me. This bitch at work never fucking helps me. She goes out at lunch without offering anything when I am sick and transportless, I offer no matter what. It is too far out of her way to take me anywhere even though I do it for her. The guy whose car I hit with my car has been driving me to and from work, but tonight he can’t. He has been really good about it so I am not pissed at him. Someone else is using the ute. No one else will fucking help. I am just so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Oh well lets get me more broke.

I have been reading TheOnceUnknownSecret again. It puts the little annoying things in perspective, for me anyway. When things that bad happen to someone, it makes all the money and car crap seem pathetic to be worrying about it.

I rang my exbf last night. He messaged me saying he felt awful. So I rang him but he said he didn’t want to talk. So I hung up on him. He sent me an apology so I rang him again. I told him I missed him. I do in a way, especially when I am feeling like crap and need a hug. SO I said I would see him tomorrow night for his race, I was actually looking forward to it for the first time. Now he doesn’t want to do it, he has a better offer and wants to go out. Probably better, but it hurts. Oh well, it is only cos I feel like shit anyway.

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