11:23PM – Feeling a ‘lil better

I just walked to the chemist and showed the chick there my mutating face. She didn’t laugh at me (I love her already) and told me the stuff I have been using is more for preventative measures and I should be using this numbing paint stuff, so with half my face orange, I feel a ‘lil better, it seems to work a lot better. Hopefully it will now clear up sometime soon. I am over caring what people think when they look at me, i will go to work with orange paint if it makes the pain go away.

Bro and his friends cooked Spaghetti Bolognese for tea, man it was yummy. The kitchen looks like a bomb hit it though, I don’t care, not cleaning tonight. I will be home alone all night tomorrow so will clean then.

No one is ever online to chat to anymore!! Oh well…

Rudyshoes left me some nice messages on my OpenFiction pages :) Nice to know someone went!! lol…

Suddenly two people on ICQ :) [insert marvin martian voice here] Oh Goodie

Trying to con my friend into scoring free tickets to the Live concert for me… hmmm WHAT exactly is it worth to me… hmmm must think on that one… the offer is very conditional…

ANyhoo I am going to bed before ICQ gets me addicted again..


5 thoughts on “11:23PM – Feeling a ‘lil better

  1. hello my love

    im sorry if i sounded snappy on monday its been a pretty big week at work and i am snuffer-ooed. im also trying to buy a house :O


    kisses and cuddles I love u girl and will talk to u soon i hope u feel better, i can feel a sore throat coming on. mine is dry as all fekk from so much talking this week with work yuk.


  2. hey girl,


    bummer you got no transport, hope you make it home ok. is there *anybody* else you can call up for a lift??



    p.s. that picture thing, if you have an atomic account, you just use the coding within the [ ] brackets, it’ll have your album number, the picture name followed by jpg, and it turns out as a picture in comments

    hope you’re gonna be ok

  3. i know just how you fell, dear. my car is all cracked up too, and i don’t have a ride anywhere. stuck bumming rides from friends and being subject to running their errands with them… bleck. but it keeps me from going to buy cigarettes, as none of them will take me.

    i’ve been so low, i decided to write an entry about my fantasies. you should read it… i laughed when i wrote it and felt better.

    take care & hang in there! ~tM

  4. Y’know, if I lived anywhere near you I’d have picked you up :) Damn Melboune being so big! Well, not really…but kind of um… I know what I mean… Sorry… I’m tired.

    Thanks for the graphics, they’re cool. I like animated stuff… I should get around to figuring out how to do it… I’ve been meaning to for months… Damn this infernal internet and it’s evil distractions.

    …Sorry I haven’t been online to chat lately… I’ve been reeeeeeally tired :( Damn CFS. I hate it. I’ll try to be on more though. Promise.

    Anyhoo, gotta scoot. Barney is crying at the front door, better let him in before he wakes the neighbours up.

    Luv Fury.

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