I stalked her tonight.


The one whom I chatted, and talked, with, on omegle, and on the phone.

SHE stalked me first. Just this morning. when I logged on to my Twitter acc, I’ve noticed that someone requested to follow me. I clicked it, and I saw that whoever it was has a lot of followers, and following. I thought that maybe it was a fan account or just makeup products acc, so I accepted it. But then, this person MENTIONED me. Of course, at first, I was really shocked? Like, why the hell did this person mention me? I thought, maybe, it was an account that when it follows you, you should follow it back. And that was what it said.

“Hey miss, followback?” with a wink and smile emoji. Out of curiosity, I clicked its profile, and, out of ALL her tweets, the only person who was mentioned was ME. Thank goodness, I figured that it was Misty quickly, or else. I immediately blocked her. :3

Seeing all of her tweets made me  feel really guilty right now, and maybe, sad? I think. Her tweets made me feel like I’m such a bad person to ever exist in this planet (drama queen). My bestfriend said that it’s not a bad thing to help, and put, thyself first before anything, or anyone, else, but, why I can’t help but feel like a shit right now.