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DearDiary.Net offers you a fun and safe place to write your online diary (also known as weblog, blog or online journal). DearDiary is highly customizable free to join and a has a lively, thriving online community with which you can interact.

DearDiary.Net is a diary site, when Facebook or Twitter don't give you enough space to say what you've been doing with your day, join DearDiary.Net and tell your friends what's really going on. And then share that with Facebook or Twitter. When 140 characters isn't enough, DearDiary.Net gives you the space to chronicle your day, your thoughts and share your free online diary with your friends.

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DearDiary.Net – Free Online Diary

DearDiary.Net is highly customizable, free to join and has a lively thriving online community with which you can interact as much or as little as you choose. For those times when Twitter or Facebook isn’t enough, get your free online diary with DearDiary.Net and share your day with thousands of friends.